Mothering Sunday

HAPPY MOTHERING SUNDAY to all who are celebrating today,

My MUM’s flowers
are soaking in the
bath at the mo,
just hope I can
get them to
Bognor Regis in
good condition.


6 thoughts on “Mothering Sunday

  1. You’ve got to return to Bognor!!!! The best of luck – make sure you’ve planned your escape route carefully ……

  2. Don’t worry, my good friend was head of the escape committee, we built a maze of tunnels in all directions, I believe some of the chaps are still digging, probably be somewhere near you now, (hope you’ve got that mansion underpinned !).

  3. Thank you GW…. off to the coast shortly to visit my Mum

    I see you have had a make over already ­čÖé

  4. Hope you didn’t hear Dave Lee Travis saying to Johnny Walker last night “my mother? What do you expect, she’s an obstroperous Mancunian?”,disgraceful!

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