Have just applied for a job on-line. For the NHS. No need to panic, the only surgery I get involved in is clipping my nails.
No, this job is just driving supplies backwards and forwards, doesn’t involve any contact with patients at all.
FOUR HOURS later, yep 240 minutes, it has been completed and is winging it’s way to NHS central.
Who designs these application forms ??

One of the questions was “Do you hold a certificate to support your responsibilites under IR(ME)R 2000 ?”

Seems a bit of a long-winded way of asking if I have a driving licence, but thought I better check it out. Googled IR(ME)R 2000, this is what I found:

“The Ionising Radiation (medical exposure) Regulations 2000 implement for Great Britain the majority of the provisions of EC Directive 97/43/Euratom which concerns the protection of persons undergoing medical exposures. The regulations came into force on 1 January 2000 and replace the previous regulations known as POPUMET (Protection of Persons Undergoing Medical Examination or Treatnent).”

Well, thank goodness i’ve got that straight then!


3 thoughts on “Scream

  1. Thankyou TnkfU, not sure many other people are yet, need better content, but I hope my content is never as frightening as yours.

  2. Just came back here to say that someone just pointed out to me that all that jargon in my post above, may be to do with ‘CATscans’. Unfortunately, they also pointed out that it’s Crown Copyright, might be the Tower for me, if you don’t hear from me again, can someone feed the fish ? It answers to the name Fish by the way…………. i’m not a vet, I can’t sex a fish.

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