Spinning Away

This blogging is hard work.

After hours trying to upload photos from Photobucket, I eventually gave up.

Tried getting a WordPress blog going,

got logged in, and I have an account,

many hours later, my brain has leaked out of my ears…..

BTW, this image (easily uploaded from Google) is here, because I have spent many years repairing these things.

The machine not the man.


8 thoughts on “Spinning Away

  1. When I use Photobucket, I usually just drag the image onto my desktop. If it needs re-sizing or fiddling with I bung into iPhoto [or whatever] and then put it back on my desktop ready for uploading ……

  2. I’ll try that next time. I managed to download the photos OK, but couldn’t get them to upload to this mess.
    One of my father’s favourite sayings used to be “learning all the time”, I am, but very slowly!

  3. Just clicked on you widget to tempt the wizard Dr to tell you how evil I am …

    once you get into it blogging is easy .. really it is 🙂
    [can you add a button down below where I can clock to be notified that you have replies?… no added pressure it is just I am rubbish at keeping up on posts!!]

  4. Easy for you to say 70s , how do I do that? My brain has already made an awful mess on the floor, trying to get WordPress, OK i’ll have a look…………

  5. I just typed the biggest arse long comment including all the commands you would need to do what you want, and then it refused to process my comment… then when I went back one screen it was all gone.

    I will redo it as something static on my blog and give you a link.

    Blogger really does suck.

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