Wow, i’m BLOGGING.
Can I just say to



Don’t know why i’ m kissing him, he hasn’t shaved since I escaped from his cupboard under the stairs this morning.

Anyway, how do I de-italicise , or in fact do anything else…………..?

Suppose I have to trawl through reams of tutorials…………..


70’s, Diane, Archie, Fracas, and all you other good folks that i’ve hassled recently, what do I do ?


16 thoughts on “

  1. Have just asked a famous High St. bookmaker to quote me odds on the first real commenter, this is what they came up with:

    8/13 – DaddyPapersurfer (I think the serious money will be riding on this thoroughbred)

    4/6 – 70s Teen (She’s up Norf)

    4/1 – Fracas (Snowed in)

    8/1 – Archie (A good outside chance, you have to be up early over there)

    12/1 – Diane (Far too busy)

    33/1 – The field

  2. Well, it’s only because DaddyPapersurfer has a certain fracretary that does all his dirty work (wearing only one flip-flop I might add) that he has all this free time to be the first to comment here.

    We don’t know the meaning of ‘snowed in’ here in Saskatchewan. Life goes on no matter how much snow comes down. I don’t even know what a ‘snow day’ is… we just hitch up the horses (the ox if it’s too bad for the horses) and get our beavers to work or school.

    The rest of the world is full of pansies.

    Now that I’ve said all that, what would you like help with?

  3. If I was a betting woman I could understand the odds …. but did that make me 2nd favourite??
    I knew DP would be first as he has nothing else to do during the day

    WTC GW you have been and gone and done it … there is no going back now and we know were to find you …. evil laughter

    now what do you do now??? What you darned well please to do as it your blog 😀

  4. You really don’t have the time to waste listening to my list of help-needs. I’ll probably be up all night learning more, studying WordPress (thanks Archie).
    Thankyou for the offer though and for visiting this shambles, I hope my next post will be tidier, although I made a fortune at the bookies (ta DP, your commission is in the post),i’m celebrating at the mo, so anything could happen !
    BTW, should you be mentioning beavers again (or are you certain that John won’t look at this nonsense)?

  5. I knew you’d be here soon 70s, but I and my bookmaker were sure that DP would beat you in the last furlong (mind you the stewards are looking into his medication), otherwise you would have been 1/3 favourite. And what do you mean “there’s no going back now”, surely I can delete all this nonsense?
    BTW, what does WTC mean?
    Guess i’m in for more evil laughter.
    Sorry for all this rambling, listening to Pearl Jam on radio, distracting me.
    Thankyou for being my 3rd visitor, love the sqirrel photo.

  6. I’m here!

    Don’t like Blogger, I’m a WordPress gal so pointless asking me for tips. Only advice I can give is stop kissing DP and just keep writing.
    What does WTC mean? WTG I know….

  7. you will get with the typos in time (I see you have manged with the squirel/squirrel/sqirrel!!)… it was WTG (way to go) !!
    once you have entered in the world to blogdom there is no escape .. I hope you realised this unless you hit the delete button and never visit the tinternet again

  8. Diane, I am sooo pleased you have also dropped by.
    Thankyou for your help.

    My bookmaker obviously follows your blog (are you doing a book for him too?).

    As you can see, this is a mess, I am a quick learner though…………

  9. Ah yes, coming in last, although 8/1 sounded like good odds. A fully functional wireless system would have been nice but the power house couldn’t handle the heat.

    My very first blog was on blogspot – I also had problems loading pictures so I tested wordpress and fell in love with it. I haven’t used my blogspot blog for a couple of years now! The comment method is so much better as well because there is a really great anti-spam system.

  10. I had £20 on you Arhie. are blogspot that rubbish? (I can’t even listen to anything now)? Do I need to move this rubbish to another provider?

  11. Indeed – it is best if you do it early – before the dust bunnies accumulate. Sorry about the 20 bucks.

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